How to deal with constant eye and facial movements

I have these annoying impulsive eye movemnts where I stare at people or things out of the corner of my eye, and I feel it is sketching people out. It may be a self fulfilling prophecy. But I am done dealing with this

Honestly is this severe OCD or am I possessed or what. I dont want to deal with this anymore I dont care about the paranoia or voices I just want the weird sht to stop


This happens to me at times. Feels like I’m not in control of my eyes when it happens.

I think just try not to focus on it happening. Just distract or pick an object to focus on if you can

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I did that on Topamax I think and also cogentin I think helps with stuff like that…not sure…

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when I had weird facial movements they stopped the ap I was on and switched me to newer aps. Said it was td. After awhile it went away thankfully.

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Thanks @LevelJ1 @anon28145038 @Leaf

Especially @LevelJ1 thats good advice I read your post in the other thread too. You get it man. Its pretty bad and ruins my self esteem. Ill try those techniques cuz I am really having a hard time


Vitamin E might be helpful to treat td. Something to consider.

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