How to deal with a possibly paranoid coworker?

Setting: Overnight shift (10pm-7am) at Walmart that is closed from 11pm-7am, so there is only one hour we are around customers.

Ok, so there is a coworker of mine, K.

She always talks about how people are staring at her and that managment (particularly the one in charge the past few days) is targeting her and stalking her and treating her unfairly. She also hints at sexual harassment, but she accuses every male of that (I hate to say that but this is what she tells me, that ALL guys stare at her, this is what she says).

Now, it is true managment is watching her.

Because she plays on her phone all of the time and does NOTHING, or works EXTREMELY slow.

The last two days I have been put with her and it has been hell.

Last night at the meeting I got a compliment from the manager and she later said to me, “you know how [manager] was like, ‘Haldol good job,’ he is targeting me,” like ■■■■ you.

I work my ass off, you just walk around and do nothing while I am doing all the heavy bags of dog food.

I know I can’t help her, and honestly as someone who also suffers from paranoia I feel limited sympathy, HOWEVER, she also brings this on herself bc managment does watch her bc of her actions (or lack thereof).

I work as I know they watch the cameras.

IDK what I am going to do if I am put with her tonight.

I talked to the manager last night and he did separate me from her by putting her in one aisle and me in another, so maybe I won’t be put with her.

He did say they are going to move her from the overnight as she cannot be trusted to actually work.

So any advice?

I’ll probably reply tonight when I wake up, and update after I know where I am put.

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Just do nothing. Management are on the case. They’re going to move her.


Yea, I am just going to ignore her.

She probably says nasty stuff about me anyways like she does everyone else.

In fact I see the (possibly) new O/N ASM going into the Loss Prevention/Asset Protection (AP) Office around lunch so I think he is gathering footage maybe.

It just astounds me that’s she’s paranoid but still thinks she cam get away with doing ■■■■ all.


You got separated, that is a really good start.

Now… Outwork and outperform.

For your own sake, make sure there aren’t any signs of passive aggressive coming from you as you move forward. :slight_smile:


Oh I am already doing both.

I am also trying to limit interactions with her as much as possible.

I think it’s the best for me personally.


@Haldol I have worked with a lot of bitchy,two faced moaning, lazy,co workers my advice work hard do not get involved, get paid,do you job the best you can,come home at the end of your shift and forgot about it.Not worth the hassle tbh

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Just keep your head down and do your work. Sounds like she’s making you look really good by comparison, which is a good thing. I’m sorry, it’s hard to see people worse off than we are and not be able to help. But you need to look out for yourself. She’s an adult, and if she isn’t capable of handling a job it’s up to her and her doctors to get her on disability.


You may not have to worry about this person much longer. Management may very well fire her from the sounds of it.

What he said. You’re on the right track, keep doing what you’ve been doing and you’ll be fine.

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Update: I have not been put with her, the regular O/N Manager came back and he has said she will move to days soon.

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