How to create more synapses'

This is what the schizophrenic brain looks like… it has far fewer neural connections than the normal brain…

If I’m correct these things could help create neural connections or synapses’

Hopefully this helps if I’m even correct on a synapse being a neural connection


These Brains connection are pruned away …!!!
Don’t go in much details … SZ is really complicated and can make u Cry…!!!
Neither i can laugh nor i can cry …!!! So we are miles far away from the cure …!!!
We can be hopeful in that case …!!! U are just 22 i am bit older then u …Don’t mind …!!

Well if the synapses are pruned you can’t make more? :disappointed_relieved:

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It can only be fixed once scientist find genetic or biological Cause…!! We can’t make more …!! neither medication can…!!! In the drug pipeline one or two medication talks about negative symptoms …They are Min _101 and sep 856…!!!1 one has passed its 2nd phase another has passed its first …!!! it is interesting to see how it works …!!!i doubt they reach Nepal any sooner …!!

My friend u said u can work right …!!! Most of the Szprenik are jobless due to poor social coordination and weak self esteem … U can apply for job soon …!!! It can save ur illness…!!!
U are a good person …!!! work on it…!!!

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Thats cool i love knowing that something can help negative in the next 5 to 10 years hopefully… and im gonna try. I just would be really depressed… i had a very strenuous job on a high dose of medication a month after i got out of the hospital. It was terrible… i had poverty of speech then. Id like to try again soon though!

İt depends on how heavy is your sickness and how much medicine are using.i know some people used tons of medicines and have heavy sz at 70s and they fine.what i mean by “they fine” they can eat talk and do basic things.for improve your snapsis you should consume egg fish oil green tea exercises both phisically and fact smoking and fast chemical foods much terrible side effects on brain health than medicine that we are don t worry about the medicines

Crap… i smoke… but i do take fish oils…

As far as positive symptoms go i have extremely mild hallucinations (since im medicated), mild delusions, mostly mood disorder is what i noticed but i havent been diagnosed with a mood disorder…

You should quit smoke asap.

I know im extremely addicted though… and ive read that it shrinks your pre frontal cortex pretty bad… i dont know how to quit i wish i never would of started

I had been smoke 10 whole front tooth corrupted(now porcealine) but i m not smoking since 7 years.i never smoke while taking s very should quit man.

Every addictions start the signal to your brain this “i m joy and meaning of your life”.you should cut this signal rest of it its very easy

Happy for you that you quit. I want to i just need the courage to try again

You should brake the smoking routine for 30 month can be hard.if you want to smoke try to drink coffee or chewygum can use even a word instead.