How to control your thoughts

I get a lot of screwed up thoughts what helped you stop them? I’m hoping waiting time will help with this

Educate yourself.

Read books about psychology and stuff.

Try to understand the source and the point of your voices.

Let them come and go, trying to resist them can just make them stronger. You could look into mindfulnesss and compassionate mind therapy.


^ I agree with that. The more you try to stop thinking about something the more you’re training your brain to make it a struggle. When you let your brain think what it wants to it can get pretty dark but you’ll also learn to understand and work out what the roots and develop your own mental tools to deal with brain spam.

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The best thing to do with intrusive thoughts is just acknowledge them and move on with your day. The more you try to ignore and block them out the worse they will get. You need to say ok I am having this thought, it does not represent who I am and I can’t help that I am having this thought. Then just go about doing whatever you’re doing.


Yes that is very true.

Do something you enjoy and that makes you relax.

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