How to combat that empty feeling

Here are some things I do
Exercise- hard to start but it always makes me feel better at the end
Night time rituals - shower, jump in bed, subscribe to 8 tracks and play Christmas music, put on lotion or a face mask, something hit to drink, just feels happy
Relaxation apps - has guided breathing exercises and relaxing imagery
Dressing up, putting on makeup, going out - great when you’re low on confidence, things aren’t that bad once you leave the house
Treat yourself - buy a small ice cream and just enjoy
How do you keep feelings of “emptiness” at bay? Maybe you don’t even have those feelings?


When I’m alone in my room sometimes I just think of all the things that are nice about me and all the good positive things I did during the day and I internalize them. Or…looking in the mirror and keeping eye contact with whoever is looking back until I see the look in my eyes that reflect a pretty decent person looking back at me.
I seriously do this. Compliments from other people are few and far between so it’s up to me to acknowledge my own humanity.

By the way, my eyes are hazel if you people are wondering.


Those are some great things @anon62973308 !! I’m currently visiting my parents until the 20th January in Alabama but while I was back at home in Virginia I felt pretty empty. Routine consisted of waking up at 12, eat brunch, lay in bed ALL day, go on Facebook and YouTube, video chat with my dad everyday from 4:30 to 6pm, more internet maybe a phone game for an hour, then prepare dinner at 7:30 eat it. Usually Hot Dogs, fish sticks, ramen, tacos, etc then video chat with my mom every couple days for an hour, then more internet and then to bed at around 12am. Pretty lame. I don’t work either i receive a pension from the military veteran affairs system which is pretty nice. But I really like your routine! I just need to do something better when I come back.


Huh I read online that there is usually a root cause of feeling empty. It could be a unfulfilling job or a failed relationship. Tackling the empty feeling with food, mindless internet surfing, or splurging money will only solve the problem temporarily. If you’re having problems with not being married, for example, you need to work on it. Focus on your goals and get rid of the source of your dissatisfaction. Talk to family or a therapist. I think for me, it might be relationship problems. I am having feelings that I need to find meaning through a family and a home. What about for you?


I try to exist. I don’t think too much about it. I have done some serious things in my life since getting on the meds but I’ve often just rode the waves of life! That doesn’t mean you don’t make serious decisions because I’ve had to do that- like leave a marriage and a continent to look after myself.

So. For me it’s about the present and the small things to do regularly like exercise, diet etc. I try not to get too far ahead and I agree with you that you need some treats. I’m giving up drinking. All that money is going into a new gaming computer…You have to have reward!


The only thing that took the emptiness away from me was/is Sarcosine. If I don’t take it for a few days, the feeling comes back.

Here is an article on how to live life meaningfully. One thing I’m caught up with is the desire to still feel self worth. However, having friends, having some job prospects to work towards, don’t seem to be making me happy. This sounds really stupid but the only thing that really makes me happy is loosing weight, dressing up, going to the city and staring at everyone, and having a treat. Mostly just blue sky, young people, music, and a nice drink. It’s all so superficial. But the whole thing might remind me of the good times in my youth and I feel better.
I really do feel, after some thought, that pursuing something meaningful to you will make you feel better.
I think, this is really due to my mental illness, but I remember the feeling of going to the best private school on full scholarship and being on top of the world with my achievements. Now I have nothing left but my youth and I still have this innate urge to be better than everyone. It’s really stupid someone talk me out of feeling this way. :frowning:

Hey, not to double post, but I tried this “root cause of your problems” business and it works. I think I never learned as a kid that my self worth isn’t dependent on how successful I am, partly due to Chinese upbringing. This is not healthy. I need to focus on my inner well being and self worth. I am my own therapist and it works! I feel better already. Maybe post about why you feel meaningless and see if something will make you feel better?

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The desire to be better than our neighbor is innate to us, humans. Competition and Collaboration are two aspects of today’s successful societies. You need to feel appreciated, admired, desired, loved. But if you don’t love and admire yourself, it is all pointless. This is why I think pursuing longer-term goals will bring you more satisfaction in the long run. There is a concept in psychology called “delayed gratification”. Look it up ! :wink:


Huh, in what way would you use delayed gratification? I have no big plan for the future, just taking it a day at a time. Applying to a seasonal job at the tax office today simply out of boredom. I just told my mom I will look for a boyfriend online once I loose off this weight and she got mad at me and says it’s best to wait till I have a stable job. Only I have no intention of being stable. I’m applying to a seasonal job doing tax, then substitute teaching, then saving the money to go back to school. Your advice is helpful and does motivate me to save the treats for later and loose weight now, but otherwise I am just focusing on daily wellness and positive thinking. Yes, good comment thanks. Do you have some examples from your own life?
Actually, I get how this is important, thanks.

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Well, I am not particularly good at applying delayed gratification, but let’s see.

If I delay masturbation even by a day, I feel better about myself, more in control… also the pleasure I get is somewhat bigger.

If I can stave off hunger pangs by a couple of hours, food tastes better and I feel better about myself.

If I choose to implement a small software program by myself instead of stealing an existing version off the internet, it will take me longer to finish but at the end I feel more accomplished.

There, hope you get the idea :slight_smile:

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