How to clean your psychotic history?

Have you got some ■■■■ history in your past?
It is big problem for me, because my psychotic episod is connected with a lot of people
that are society and it is conflict, because it is part of my interests, so I couldnt be part of this society.

I am trying to find other interests or to back to my childhood interest like sports.
And finally I dont know who I am. My personality is lost.

Have you got similiar problem?


My own solution.

  1. I don’t remember anything so people is not a problem.

.2. This forum contains my nightmares and I have to hack this network and delete all my posts,

but I don’t care.

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After psychosis I felt I lost my personality and 7 yrs later still sometimes am struggling in that matter. Every year in my diary I am writing down things which I think define me. My characteristics (which I know from important people in my life), my interests (past and present), my philosophy, principles, my likes and dislikes. I know it may sound silly but really helps me at moments when I feel somehow internally dispersed to bring back my integrity and directives for further action. I just read now and again when feeling this way. Have a good day @Fottbiot

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Thanks for the answer.
May be it is good way. Did you have something like experimental with morality?
Lost the border between right and wrong.

My morality I think is the one thing I feel stable about. That is like my very internal core which I feel very strongly about as being a moral person is very important to me. I did some stupid thing when very young and never again (I dated married man). I think to come to terms with right and wrong is sometimes difficult. Especially when one lives among people when this line is very vague… I do not know your life, so cannot really say…

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