How to choose people for a project?

How to choose people for a play?
It is actually a year until rehearsals start, but I will be working with an organised group called our space on a play for September which I will act in,
My main thing is writing though and I will need to chose some of the ppl from OS to be in the play I’ve written ‘spell me slowly’
For early 2016.
6 of them showed up for my other thing I helped write (a devised 20 min play), so I think I could start with these⛅️
They all know I write, but should i pre cast them in my mind and see how our
relationships develop ?
It feels fair not to talk about it too much to everyone all the time
What if someone I think is useless (strong word sorry) asks if they can be in it? This is the least of my worries really I still have to find the funding

Probably takes experience to get a feel for that kind of stuff. Gotta start somewhere but I would focus on asking those who have been in this situation before. Maybe look for people with acting experience. People generally try to do their best.

Good luck cloud dog. At least time is on your side.

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Thanks Bryan
I think having aspergers makes it more difficult as well for me

I’m not sure I think I should ask the people I’m interested in for their emails I thi I could do it by writing
Doing it in person would slaughter me

There’s an idea.

Thanks Bryan,
I’ll get to know them a bit more first
I think I could do it with 6 - 8 or 10 actors
I’ve got ages to plan an email and a wish list of who can be what

Spell me Slowly–like that title.

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Mmmmmmm eeeeeeeee Lol

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I am finding that I want to get people together for it
While once I hAvepeople confirmed that might put pressure on me from the rest of the group or the people I want and those I don’t want
I just assuming that everyone will want a part I only need ten people
In this situation
Do people want to know what they are doing this far in advance ?

Nice. I would like to watch it. Do you guys have plans to film it?

Yeah, it maybe a bit too early for reserving people for the play. Once you have funding, it’s a bit easier to commit anything. If you have time, maybe try auditioning potential actors for the important roles. This will eliminate any big hassle at the end. Although every character is important in a play, some are more influential than others. Finding that person would be a hard part. When an ordinary person sees rock, a creative person sees a statue in it. No one is useless, it’s just the right time and right attitude.

Best of luck with funding and if possible do share the link with us. Keep us updated.

Thanks pr2

I will probably have a poor quality recording yes. I’ll link you and keep you updated throughout
I’m going to need to relax and let it happen a bit
I won’t be able to control everything as its not me putting my little world on stage it will be lots of other people doing it

I think I have found the two leads who are pros and will need to be paid