How to change what my voices are telling me

Ive been hearing voices for 3 years now. The whole time I’ve been hearing the following topic.

Go to the hospital Kevin. Ruin your life by my lies. Make them reality.

All rude personalities in my head and I just think its just me. But talking in a weird way in my head.

I don’t know what to do.

Medications don’t work for my voices. Well Kinda, but I’ve been tapping my fingers or tap my feet and thats how they talk 75% of the time. Which I have no control of the tapping. So possible a.d.d With my condition I don’t know.

I can try to stop to tap but it creates anxiety when I try not too. Told my doctor about it and heard nothing what to do.

I would like to talk to people with the same condition and that hear voices and how to train your mind.

I once heard do what the voices tell you. Which was all day long conversations and telling me to go to africa. So thats a no go.

Anyway any advice to make my day better could help.

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Anxiety can morph from one form to another, IMO.

I have the same tapping the feet symptom, but I regard it differently than you. It went away fro a while, I don’t remember why. Now it’s back to a lesser degree. I think it’s me getting ready to dance. I have it pretty much under control. It goes on all day, but I don’t pay much attention to it.

Don’t listen to the voices. Don’t do what they say. Take medication and the voices which seem strong right now will creep away and be silenced forever.