How to build self-confidence?

I wanted to know if any one with Sz/SzA can give me advice on how to maintain a balanced view of myself without going manic or self glorifying or being depressed and feeling worthless.

I seem to not be able to master this in a healthy way.

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Understanding that all people are equal, in that we all think, struggle, desire, are conscious equally has helped me gain a healthy understanding of self confidence about myself

I’m not grandiose anymore as a result and don’t put me down, when I realized we are all human, all animals/living

I treat everyone the same

Anything with a heartbeat is equal to me, so I must be equal myself

Hope I’m of a help


My best friend used to repeat this chant to me before we went out anywhere “Looking good, feeling great.”

I’ve never thought of myself as good looking but it sis help me feel more confident before stepping out.


Mantras are good too :v:

Good advice turtle

You are a pretty woman btw so is lanelle

Sometimes comparing yourself to your company is bad

If you’re the tallest person in your family and you go to a house of GIANTS, and they tell you you’re short, you won’t think you’re short because you’re used to being tall and you will say “no you guys are just tall” and vice versa

It’s all a matter of perspective

Love yoself


Just work on being comfortable… think of your capacities for kindness and growth and whatever others you might have…

but just be comfortable with yourself… you need not feel better nor worse than anyone else… just be among the people as a person… learn to deal with being ignored or even rejected and going unphased by it… and also learn to see the moments where it is most easy to speak… as long as you aren’t burdening other people you’re going to be just fine. Gotta live alone in your head most of the time… that’s just the way it is… I know it’s tough with this illness.

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I use my delusions to my advantge …im awesome…and the normies notice…bit i still hate people…

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