How to become a better forum member?

Hey guys, the ones who don’t like walls of text can just post their advice on “How to become a better forum member?” question :slightly_smiling_face:

Relating to the stuff I’ve said earlier in the Say anything thread,
It really doesn’t belong to the light headed chat in that thread.
for reference:

I’ve just realized that I would get this type of bs from the voices I had,
Now it seems that my brain still follows their tradition to make me feel worthless and unwanted, from time to time.
Might be connected somehow to the nature of my illness.
Thank you for the support guys, I’ve had a hard time yesterday, I’m in the process of moving to a new apt.
You are great, helping people who seem like they don’t want to help themselves is admirable :slight_smile:
I will still try leave a good impression about myself, but this time I have a better plan to get out of this.
I’ll try to be more clear, and to avoid some communities-I-take-part-in inside-jokes or jokes that only I get. And I’ll try to be more civil when it comes to posting in times that I’m unstable.
This way I’ll minimize the chance of feeling bad because I am alienating myself on this platform, and hopefully this will solve the problem.
I’ll be happy to hear your advice on how else can I or anybody else improve himself at being a contributing forum member.


Boooo ‘contributing forum members’ are boring and they say the same things like robots, I prefer real MI people with their unique personalities and styles. :slight_smile:


Post naked pics :wink:
Just kidding :smile:



Don’t know really

Accept others.

Non judgmental

I should be the above also.


I have noticed that some seemingly popular forum members ask lots of questions and remember names and symptoms of the different members.

I also believe it is psychology and a conscious behaviour of them.

I just blabber and vent.

Some posts are too long for most of us to read and specially if there is no space in between sentences.

I do not know if anyone being s bad forum member but then again I have missed a few brawls I think.

I seem to have missed suspended accounts and why …

Apparently it is if forum rules are broken.

I also seem to have difficulties leaving the forum but it has crossed my mind to do so.


You’ve got to be more forum, and less againstum.


Tbh I’ve been wondering how I can improve. Cause idk what I’ve done but apparently I pissed quite a few people off??? Idk I could use some advice to?

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I think it helps if you’ve been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder by a psychiatrist.

I’d start there. Most of us have been psychotic and had no choice. If you present here saying you choose not to do treatment that is a red flag. It really is.

It is extremely rare to self diagnose. It’s also pretty obvious when you see certain behaviour that just doesn’t fit the profile.

Hope this helps!


How to become a better forum member?

Study the lives and teachings of this forum’s sages and saints. Then follow in their footsteps :smile:


@Andrey, well now I understand what is the purpose of forum. It means we have to write about how to bath, eat and post a selfie, some time about medicine. It is long list. I will follow.


Here are some tips that I try to adhere to:

don’t post if you’re very angry
don’t encourage hallucinations, delusions, self-harm, suicide, etc.
don’t post on threads that have had no replies in the last month or longer (start a new thread on the subject)
if you feel strongly that a post violates our Community Guidelines simply flag it instead of arguing with the person who wrote the post
and …don’t be mean


Idk. You kind of beat yourself up a little. Try sharing your successes with us too?

Does not have to be big. example: “took shower today, cleaned room, took walk after staying in several days, did ok shoppping…”

let others help you too if they can (ask questions and advice)

i learned to not make long paragraphs. Wrote about 3 sentences. Then leave a line blank between the next three.

Many here find post difficult to read with out using short paragraphs with blank line between them.

Hope it helps?


Well I’ve been diagnosed by my psychologist does that count?

No it doesn’t. A psychiatrist has extra training but it really is an art. I’d be very dubious of such a diagnosis but no offence…I’m very dubious about you. A psychiatrist doesn’t just listen to you, a decent one applies the diagnostic criteria and sorts things out.

You’ve never been psychotic. That is a flag for me. You don’t do psychiatry but you complain about things that only a decent psychiatrist should be looking after, especially ptsd etc.

I’ve seen some of your advice to punters and I worry about the message you bring to this board just from your backstory. I tend to think only certain individuals gain from therapy especially if not on medication. It can be a self fullfilling prophecy!

How does it not count? she’s got a PhD in psychology and is trained in “severe mental illness” and before her i had 2 psychiatrists diagnose me with “psychotic disorders” and I have been psychotic you could ask me instead of assuming things. Cause i gotta say its hurtful how you say that.

Apologies for being rough. It’s just curious. You do have an answer to everything. A lot of people come through here really do struggle. That is worthwhile defending. I’d still say the juries still out like how did you recover from psychosis without medications?

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I’m sure it helps to show genuine concern. I’m bad with remembering names. I could do better.

Im still recovering but weirdly enough i think through a strange combination of anxiety and paranoia and abuse (keeping me from being open about things) mixed with alters switching with me in dire and somewhat oppurtune times, mixed with being born this way and having time to adjust and grow with it, Has made me somewhat adjusted to it.

Plus not all of my visions/voices etc are distressing some I actually find very comforting. I mean definitely not all of them like I got chased by some ghoul the other day which was terrifying but yeah. It’s far from flowers and rainbows but it’s not all bad and I’m trying my best.

I know it’s probably not the wisest path to go unmedicated and i really dont encourage it but it’s the best I can do right now.

As far as always having an answer I just speak from my experiences I only am sharing my story and I know it’s a horrible story but I swear it’s all true.

I’m still struggling though, still I’m far from being “well” or “normal” or even “functional”

And getting this far took a lot of introspection a lot of grounding techniques a lot of study on how things work (brains, anatomy, the world, reality, etc.) A lot of calming techniques things for anxiety fear depression impulses.
I’m always seeking out new things to help. I found some peace in spirituality and witchcraft. Reality checking everything and learning to let some things go. But it’s still a work in progress it’s exhausting but I must keep trying.

I really hope we can be friends I truly mean no harm here I’m just trying to learn from others and not feel so alone in this affliction I’m sorry @rogueone

Here’s the way I heard it.

“Don’t seek to follow in the steps of the wise: seek what they sought.”



Your a rare bird @Noise. I’m getting too old to care too much really but I just call things the way I see it and I’ve a pretty good radar when it comes to people.

I will leave you to your devices…but for 99.9% of schizophrenics medications are the only answer especially when you end up in emergancy. Please respect those who may not have the skills you do at surviving.


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