How to beat a fixed belief?

I have a belief, I guess it’s a delusions but I don’t feel that quite describes it.

I feel like if I mention the devil, and it’s not while uttering profanity, he will come for me and take my soul and haunt me.
It even goes as far as me not being able to see ant live-action TV shows with iterations of the devil

I tried watching Lucifer half a year ago and the show was really interesting, but I got super obsessive and paranoid.

How do I get outta this?

I try not to talk about my delusions to other people. People all keep telling me they’re delusions. Sometimes I know they might be untrue. After a long time they fade and I think of them less.
I have had delusions for a long time and they are very slow to leave.

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I haven’t mentioned this delusion to anyone in real life

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Engage with your belief. Try to question the merits of your particular soul vrs the devils very busy schedule.

Try to think about the logistics of it etc. How many people die a second how many of them might be bad or good people.

Really engage with it on an intellectual level.

I kind of had to do this myself and it worked itself out. I don’t have as strong a belief in the idea, but also I give it space so if I feel like I’m in a mood I can just be no pressure on myself.

The logic side of me knows that’s a good idea, my paranoid side is freaking out at the mere suggestion of thinking of him.

You know in Harry Potter when Voldemort got some sort of ping when they mentioned him so he could track them or tap into their brains?

It’s kinda like that

I have various fixed ideas and beliefs.
Sometimes i know they’re bizarre,
but that doesn’t stop them.

There is no devil. The world we live in is not like that. It’s not a fairytale world.

it’s the imagination. Could be on another level by human.

I know, that’s why I called it a delusion.
They’re not rational.

Read up on the origin of the belief.

You didn’t mention that you don’t believe in a devil. If you don’t believe it exists and it still troubles you, maybe you don’t have a strong enough idea of what happens after death.

No one knows what happens after death.
I wasn’t asking to be corrected or disproven, I was asking for help to stop obsessing and getting paranoid over what I know is a false belief

I really really wish people would bother reading threads properly before replying.
Sorry if it’s rude or passive-agressive, it’s just starting to get frustrating to have my threads filled with replies that are halfway relevant at best.

You could try mentioning the devil daily and then when nothing happens (and nothing will actually happen) then the belief should lose power.

Sorry you’re not getting the support you need. Fixed beliefs persist a long time and sometimes go away on their own. There’s really nothing anyone can do for a true fixed belief. The only thing you can try to do is beat it with reason.

You can use reason to get an idea about what happens after death. What was your experience like before life? Do you require a body to have thoughts and feelings? What is the nature of the world? Really magical and stuff, or kind of boring with nature following physical laws? If you have this idea that nobody can know what happens after death you are opening up the possibility that it could be anything.

How do I calm down when my mind starts spiralling until I get used to it?

You’re right, some mild exposure therapy could work

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Do you have any PRN sedative?

I have seroquel, but it makes me slur my speech so I can’t be around others when I’m on it

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I dont know how to beat my fixed beliefs today. No one believes me. I have to not think of them. I can’t try to logically pick them apart because they still feel too likely to be true to me.

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@Pikasaur, sorry for derail, but I just realized from your description, the “thing” is happening to me is fixed belief.
I’m 47 and still don’t know how to improve it…
I think I’m just not in posibility to see therapist who could see things better and from different angle. I’m very frightened when it happens, and fear from thought just makes me helpless.
I just hope one day I will have money to pay expert for these things…
I guess it has something with supressed trauma…

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