How to be successful

I’m thinking about writing a self help book on how to be successful. Would anybody read it?

You are thinking about writing a self help book?

For realz?

I dunno…are you successful? :thinking:

Haha yes I am haha

Just write a book entitled “How to Fail”.

When you sell no copies you can claim you are successful! :wink:


I’m gonna write about successful people. Then a little bit about my successes. The main one I’ll write about is spiritual success.

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But then if you are successful, your whole book about failing will be a lie…It’s a vicious circle…I’m getting dizzy now…got to sit down.


It’s really just a mind set.

You’re writing about spiritual success.

That’s a little different.


lol @Bowens!

Yeah. It is a bit of a conundrum I suppose.


I double dog dare you to write a book on spiritual successfulness. I bet it sells like a million copies.

I bet it’s on Oprah or whatever

I’m not even sure what spiritual success means.

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I don’t either but it’s just crazy enough to work

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The key to being financially successful is to steal from the poor.

The key to being spiritually successful is to run with the herd.

Idk what I am thinking. Just posting I guess.


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