How to be more mature

How do I be more mature and stop acting like a teenager, need more intellectual topics to talk about, being patient and having better manners


What makes someone mentally mature is age. The brain doesn’t completely develop until we are 20 to 30. That being said, the better question would be what makes someone emotionally mature.

Learn from experience. That is how all living things mature. There is no shortcut. You have to emerge out of your shell/cocoon/cave and live, risk, experience. Secondly, equally importantly, you must reflect on what you’ve experienced and learn whatever lessons it is telling you.

You might choose someone close to you to emulate and model. See how they react in emotional situations…model that behavior. Talk to them. Sign them up as a mentor.

Otherwise, allow for and forgive yourself for making emotional missteps, and just be yourself.

Authenticity is better than fake maturity.

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How old are you? Some people just develop and mature at different rates. My dad acted like a teenager until practically his 50’s.

If teenage seems like the envy, you’re not going to want to leave it.

Conversations men don’t just talk they build on a conversation example a statement is made the government is a big joke a rubbish! How can u add to that example yes trump wants to build a wall and that money could help millions so they r are a joke yes!

Behavior, a man thinks ahead plans for d future example will there be a flooding in rainfall time, my shoes, clothing, food , how can save them what do I need to get how much will it cost I must have a saving plan and bank besides my spending bank I need also a to do list stat with some easy work then one hard tasks followed by some easy tasks planing makes d difference between men and boys

Experience. Yes, age can mature you but that’s because you get experiences. Age, temperment and personality. Some people learn with age and mature. Some people reach advanced age and never learn and mature. Some people are very young and very mature. I don’t know. Be open to learning things and be open to new/ different viewpoints and listen I suppose.

One thing we can do is sit down and have a talk about who I am and exactly what it is I do. :joy:

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