How to ask these in English...?

Location: Australia

(a) My father wanted to test his eye for shortsightedness and order a spectacles for that.
How to ask this in English?

  1. What to say when walk in to the shop?
  2. What to expect (in English) when testing for his eye?

(b) Urgent- My step-mom wanted to see a doctor for unknown pain and may wish to have x-ray scan.

  1. How to tell the receptionist?
    I understand that we might be referred to large hospital nearby for digital imaging. I fear the crowd and already anticipating possible discrimination because of our skin color and broken English.
  2. What mental attitude should I have?

Please help.

Say that he needs an eye exam and would like to order glasses or spectacles. They should be able to walk you through the process.

As for you step-mom, I’m not sure. I don’t know if you can order x-rays for unknown pain without first checking for other things first. Let the receptionist know as best as possible what type of pain and where it is.

Okay, I will try to use those keywords that you have suggested.

Oral communication isn’t always easy… Thank you, BarbieBF.

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is this over the phone or in person that she’ll deal with the receptionist? i am assuming in person? if so, then she should be able to do a lot of pointing to the area affected, and they’ll likely read her facial expressions and if she’s grimacing in sharp pain, they’ll see that.

i think it’ll be important for her to say how long the pain has lasted, if it’s gotten worse, describe the pain (burning, sharp, cramping, etc).

also things like, any problems with other systems? is she ok in the toilet? has she vomited? is it keeping her up at night? can she eat? is it spreading?

apart from those types of things, i think you could type up something for her that says what you said above, that she’s in pain and may want to have x rays/ultrasound done. i agree with @BarbieBF that they’ll do an exam and not just the imaging, but that should be in her best interest.

with #2, the mental attitude…i’m unsure what you mean. if you mean is this serious…it’s really hard to say. i think getting her in to care as soon as possible is wise. then hopefully you’ll be relieved that it’s nothing serious. i would be open minded as much as you can be. much is unknown, but after seeing the doctor you should have some answers.

hope that helps and best wishes to all three of you.

australia is multi cultural…believe it or not !?!
hospital staff are pretty professional…
take care :alien:

Thanks a lot for the info, I am about to accompanying her to the doctor clinic in person. I learned just now from you, maybe I should just point to the body part and say ‘this part is in pain’.

I think one of the receptionist is Asian, but unsure if she is in duty, otherwise she can understand our complaint. The doctor will be much easier to deal with then.

I was asking what kind of mental attitude I should have when nervous speaking in front of people using ineffective English skill. But with gesture and facial expression, it will help a little bit.

Thank you once again. Here we go to visit the Medicaid.

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I really love the idea that Australia is multi-cultural. It will ease my anxiety later on. Thanks for replying.

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