How the world goes

21 years ago I was on the campus of South Florida International University whistling to my black cat Minx and today after 21 years I am here in Eastern Finland taking calls from one university hospital. The times have changed. Then I told one cashier at my local grocery store how I was a part of the US selective service system when I was young, basically I was a part of the US military. She wanted to know more about my life and said that always is coming something new. It was a very warm September evening here in my little town in Eastern Finland.


Do you work?


Because you asked a direct question I try to write one answer. My last formal position in the society of Finland was when I was a math assistant in one tech university in 1989, 34 years ago. Then the world happened. I like to ride my bicycle and discuss with people as I did today when I talked with two other mentally ill persons. One asked about this next Presidential election in Finland in Jan 2024, there probably are not any good choices, maybe I should become a President. When I was young I was told that I should not tell people that I have high IQ and in the first grade I was evaluated that I had much better math skills than other student. So this was my answer and I am not going to tell any other personal details.


Thanks for answering anyway.

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