How the world can be full of unknowns

You never know what happens in the world. For example, back in 1986 I went to Crete, a Greece island and stayed there over one week. And after this I started my university studies in Finland and then it evolved so that I went to the USA and stayed there 13 years. Between all these experiences were times that I spent in other nations. The world just evolved in this way. I would have not thought in the USA that I started hearing voices only to travel more and eventually arriving at my birth city where I have stayed over 13 years since I arrived here. I live just 300 meters from the place where I was born. I suppose the life is just the life.

I was still in high school in 1986. Was mostly withdrawn in a new school. Although had a part time job and was horse riding three times a week. Also spend a few weekends at a nudist colony. The place I did work experience also offered me a paid trial apprenticeship when the year ended. Pretty much summed up 86 for me. What I can disclose here anyway :wink:

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