How the f dose anyone deal with so much loneliness

i haven’t had a girl touch me for 7 years. i’m 27. i don’t have hot girls that r friends that hug me. my brain tells me it’s not worth it to go to a bar but i want human connection/love so badly. plus, i live in the country…not many girls here


Honestly, I just try not to think about it. I was sexually assaulted when i was younger, so thay abuse kind of made me aversive to people. Idk if thats logical/scientific but it seems to be the way the affected me.

I still crave love though. Sometimes my testosterone rockets so much idk how to deal with it. I just become really hyper which is annoying for people around me. And me too.

I think the best thing to do with the energy if you get it, is to put it into a hobby like sports or gym.

Try working on anxiety and stress, soon enough youll be able to hit up a bar and meet people. Be as confident as you can that you will make progress. Have you considered therapy for self esteem?

You tried internet dating? Like you can meet people online on certain platforms and do the long distance thing. Yeah you might meet later but it gives you a social outlet. I’ve done the long distance thing before when I was younger and it’s doable with chat/ video chat/messenger etc.

Sometimes you just have to have a look and see what is around you.


Volunteering is a good way to meet the opposite sex.


If its what you want then dont give up the search! Your still so young.
I have sz and anxiety and on meds and everything. Im 29 and been with my partener for nearly 4 years now. Your not a lost cause when it comes to dating.


thanks that actually means a lot lol


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I met a man on plenty of fish years zags when I was 30. He wasn’t my type but I thought He could be a friend. We went cinema and I invited him over for steak and chips he got me a valentine card so I realised he wanted more and cut him off
I went speed dating but met no one
I met some single girls from newspaper advertising and we went out socially but then I got ill
I think getting out there will give you more hope to meet people

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Great post great valid comments.

Try ASMR on YouTube. That’s my secret. I’m more isolated than almost anyone on this site.

What’s ASMR is it a channel.

There’s a lot of different channels of ASMR. You just have to type it in.

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its sjust silent, peaceful sounds to like make u feel goood and tingle…kinda works but sometimes kinda cringe

Just check it out odd, think I am passed this.

i am lonely a lot.

i cope by keeping busy and spending time with family.