How the bloody hell have I been able to keep my job

(I’m not British but have been watching that Simon Cowell of late)

It’s a mystery that I still have my job. Whenever I think about it, I shake my head, furl my brow in amusement. I am, after all, dz as sza with substance abuse issue. Take today, I was in a funk. I couldn’t really project my voice. I still was able to sell but it was a bad day. I don’t work with the most compassionate of people, my co-worker is a bit of a dick.

But I digress. I’ve had shifts where I was a sz mess and couldn’t talk. Couldn’t make words. Scared, frazzled, my sz was on showcase. But it’s been three years and eight months and I’m still here. Despite many many bad shifts, I’ve had nights where I did well. Staying the course, hoping the good shifts outnumber the bad ones. As they say, one day at a time.


You’re probably just one of those people who feels comfortable in a work environment. I know you’re not exactly comfortable based on what you said, but if you have a decent boss it makes a big difference. I assisted a pair of butchers who were the funnest guys in the world and very nice no demands without explanations. Was a fun job.

Sounds like you’re pretty good at multitasking. I haven’t worked a job since the voices started.

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Yay for you gene!

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Well good for you. I work also, so i know what it’s like to struggle with Sz and work at the same time. Sometimes i’m surprised that i still have a job…but have one i do. Congratulations for being there for over 3 years. May you have many more years, provided that you’re still happy in your job.


@agent101g: great thing about my job is there is very little supervision. I see my boss, maybe once a month. but on the flipside, my co-worker can treat me poorly because of the lack of supervision.
sorry to hear about your inability to work. have you tried a remote job (one that you can do from home)?

@Anon10: thanks!

@Sezbot241: Thanks. I’m one of the very few who actually enjoys going to work. Being sz and liking their job is pretty rare I assume. So what do you do, if you don’t mind me asking?

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I do wonder this myself sometimes.

Truth is you probably don’t need to worry as much as you do. If you were doing a less than average job, you wouldn’t be there.

Sounds like you are doing a good job of dealing with your sza. I am glad things are going well for you even though it is a struggle some days. Keep up the good work and congratulations on your longevity there!

@Joker: that’s a good point. Though I suspect that management knows I’m dealing with some mental issue, sz is kinda hard to hide when you are around someone long enough. Perhaps they see me as an asset, that despite my disability, I can still perform and do a good job. Let’s hope

@disciple: much thanks! I’ve been at my job long enough to where social security has deemed me to be not disabled. A good thing I think.

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Congrats to you for managing to keep your job for so long and still having it with all the challenges!

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I work as a clinical nurse in an aged care facility. I love my job. It is both rewarding and challenging.

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Awesome! A fulfilling job is more than half the battle.

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