How the angel came to be a tradition on top of the Christmas tree

It was winter one year and Santa was having a rough time around Christmas time.
The biggest blizzard in ten years was raging. His elves were on strike for better pay. Mrs.Clause was unusually grumpy and short-tempered, and taking out on him.
It was Christmas Eve and all this was going on at once and Santa was frantic and just pissed off. He was in his rocking chair an hour before he had to leave to deliver presents and was in a foul mood.
Just then he heard,“Tap, tap, tap”, on his front door. He got up and violently pulled the door open. Outside was the sweetest, cutest, little angel and she was dragging a Christmas tree behind her in the snow. She looked up at Santa and said in her tiny voice," Santa, Santa, what should I do with this Christmas tree"?..


You have the best stories… I like this one. :smiley: