How talkative are you with med

When i was drinking every day i became more talkative i was taking med before bed. It seems the alcohol reduced the effectiveness of the med, after my 2nd psychosis i quit drinking, and now i don’t talk much, i am more in listening mode, Which people notice that there is something wrong with me. If i just knew in the beginning that this meds ruins the whole brain functions, i would never take it, but now its too late. When i lower the dose i go into depression.

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I am the opposite to myself before the psychosis. I’m not as talkative anymore. I like being alone. Get easily tired and sensetive to stress.

I used to talk so much it was crazy. Ppl told me to be quiet. I have tourettes and adhd. But hyper activity is gone since I started meds. Maybe I never had adhd. Psych meds make tourettes better.

I can talk, to much. To anyone, anything, anywhere. I thought it was just a side effect of getting old. I lost my bashfulness after I lost my mind.
Meds made me quiet, eerily quiet on one, motormouth on another.
Must be the moon.


I think I’m not doing well with being talkative. But my sis says I’m leveling out. She says I’m getting better with the whole structure of conversation.

Before meds, I was a hyper-manic in your face person who did not the ability to shut up. (I also didn’t have the ability to make sense) I could not stop talking. After my swan song episode I couldn’t start talking and then I got better at writing then talking so I talked even less and less until the few words I could spit out in a day I saved for the worthy few. I’ve been trying to talk more. I think I’m getting better.

Schizophrenia made me painfully quiet. It happened before I even started meds. Lack of speech can actually be a negative symptom of schizophrenia.

Now I have a very difficult time carrying on a conversation. My friends do most of the talking, and I just try to listen. And try to give them some indication that I’m actually listening lol, so they don’t think that I’ve just completely tuned out.

My lack of speech is so noticeable. But most people think I’m just very, very shy. Some people I’ve met think that I have an attitude problem, because I won’t talk to them. Definitely not the case!

I’m working on communicating better. So I can connect with friends and new people. This site has really helped me open up and start conversing. Practice makes perfect!




That is another reason why I use this site. I’ve been getting used to the flow of conversation. Staying on topic for me is a hard thing. I have to type stuff out a few times to make sure it’s on topic. I fly off topic so much. My head spins faster then most people converse.


Once i took 5htp, and it made me very talkative, i was happy and thought i will continue taking it, but the next day i felt depressed, so i stopped taking it

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I can talk more effectively. I was too paranoid to trust people enough to talk about myself before meds, and I just didn’t function socially unless I was drinking. Once I was drunk I was able to converse with people. Now I can talk to strangers fairly well.


I manage to talk with one person and I can have a relatively sensible conversation. But when I am in a group of people my mind shut down. I don’t know who to listen to and I don’t know who to talk to. I also pretend to listen to them although my mind has shut down.
I try not be in places where I have to deal with multiple convsations. Before the meds I had a lot say about everything. But nowadays I am reaerved and keep to myself.

Are you on risperdal?.. I am and this med also makes me to misplace words or not being able to pronounce the right words wile i talk.

I am on Abilify for the past 5 months and some of my negative symptoms seem to be better. I had late onset sz and was sick since about age 35. I was seeing a psychologist who didn’t think there was anything wrong with me. I became very delusional and paranoid. It was only when I became very ill that the psychologist refered me to a psychiatrist. I was diagnosed in January 2010 with paranoid sz. On m first appointment with the psychiatrist I suspected her as part of the people plotting against me. Fortunately I persevered with her treatment. She started me off on Risperdal injection but that was to expensive for me at the time. I then took Risperdal oral but my tongue swoll up and my mouth become dry. I then changed over to a very affordable typical antipsycotic, clopixol depot two weekly injections. After two years I got fedup with the injections and my psychiatrist put me on Olexar. I gained a lot of weight and developed metabolic syndrome. That is when the psychiatrist put me on Abilify. I’ve lost some weight and feel a bit better than with the previous meds.

I’m not normally super talkative. Unless i have something i really need to talk about. I can get a lot of anxiety but also be mellow at some things too.

Doesn’t seem to matter what med I’m on I just don’t talk much. I don’t usually know what to say.

I seem to have poverty of thoughts. I used to be much more talkative before depression and schizophrenia. Now I don’t know what to talk about. I like this forum, because I can express my crazy self without worrying too much. When I’m in school, I can talk to the other students about how the classes are going.

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I used to be much more talkative too – although I was always on the quieter side.

Now, I feel blank and empty all the time.

Not as talkative as I wish I could be.

On a high dose of depixol I get kind of mute and don’t know what to say. Now the dose is lower I am much more talkative which I’m happy about.

I can be a chatterbox at times. At other times, I’m an extreme loner and quiet. If I’m on good meds, I’m quiet.

Its not the medications that hurt your brain - its unfortunately the stress and process of psychosis. There are things you can do to help your brain function well again. Exercise helps.

Here is the research:

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