How sz is portrayed on tv?

Does anyone ever watch Criminal Minds? The way they deal with sz is pretty well done in my opinion. One of the lead characters mom has sz. The show talks about this sz in a fairly enlightened way. You might want to check it out. The show is on CBS!

I’ve seen depictions of the disease on both ends of the spectrum. Robert Goren’s mother had schizophrenia on Law & Order and he showed signs sometimes he may have inherited the potential for it in his peculiar way of doing things but he is probably the most receptive character in the series in how he manages to add everything up in ways no one else on it can think of.

On cop shows like Criminal Minds, all the “bad guys” have some form of Mental Illness - These shows are very stigmatizing.

my satisfaction and defeat of ‘‘stigma’’ is most people never felt the way i felt in the reams of psychosis… so i rise above there opinion because i am one step ahead

An opinion is just that, the way someone feels about something. And emotions are one of the most volatile fickle things in existence which is why I don’t believe love is an emotion because it’s too long term to be an emotion. Sure it CAUSES emotions but it’s not an emotion. I don’t think someone’s feelings about you should make you worry about anything because tomorrow they might like you. It’s a fact we all exist because we wouldn’t be here right now discussing this, unlike opinions that can be debated all day as to their meaning and no one will ever get anywhere ever in that debate.

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I remember on law and order svu, there was an episode centered around a young man with schizophrenia. Olivia benson said the mentally ill should be forced to take their pills since you never know which ones are dangerous and which ones are harmless. then she told a stereotypical story of a schiz person killing his father. after that I couldn’t bring myself to watch crime shows anymore. The whole time through out the episode they focused on the two men who were mentally ill only to find out it was the ex con.

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It’s usually pretty negative, but Homeland is hands down the most realistic portrayal of mental illness on television.


I totally agree …

I agree too, Claire Danes plays an excellent role!