How superficial you need to be

To be part of this world but maintain your sanity.


I like this.

Just don’t know how true it is. I could be considered superficial but I still don’t fit in.

i guess nobody is content with others

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I’m not really sure it’s superficiality, it’s more like a code of conduct that you need to be able to to function in a society.

I am not sure either, it’s all good

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There is a social contract in place, and I wouldn’t want to live without it. How would you like it if you asked someone how their day was, and they went on for an hour about their misery, when you really don’t care? Or people just ran red lights? Or told you exactly what they thought of you every minute they thought it?

i am watching selling sunset and the girls all look like perfect barbie dolls.
specially stunning christine who is about to have a gothic wedding.
i wanted a gothic wedding with my x in sa.

strangely enough the woman i would fall for would probably be chubby and no make up and natural but i still think the barbie look can be hot.
im mostly in to men but im a little little bisexual.

i thought to myself would i want to be one of these girls and suprisingly my answer was no.

christine is about to marry a millionaire and is well kept but even living in a mansion doesnt mean all is good.

imagine having to wear high heels that high you can barely walk every day and night and that hurt your feet and give you blisters just so you will look hot.

all is not good if i have to make so much effort to look “perfect” every day and night and be uncomfortable in heels and clothes that hurt me.

they have hair extensions, false eyelashes, tummy tucks, boob jobs and nose jobs and so much plastic surgery and they do their makeup like a professional artist and they wear latest designer clothes.

i think its too high maintenance for me to be that superficial.

i am comfortable in my harem pants and no makeup .
i do not dress up often.
sometimes i put make up on when my boyfriend visits weekends.

if i could afford plastic surgery maybe i would or maybe i would age naturally.

if i was rich i would buy land and house and trees and veggie patch etc in sa where i used to live and a country car with reverse driving mirror.
live out in the country.
go to town once a fortnight for shopping and dress up only once a fortnight but not uncomfortably.

most rich men seem to want the barbie doll look in their woman occasional exception.

i will never marry because if i did i would loose money because my boyfriend is in debt and poor.

also because i wanted to marry my x in sa but left to become vegan.

if any one could convince me into marruage they would have to be financially stable and generous so i dont loose money but gain more money.
i dont need a marriage.
really wanted a gothic marriage to my x in sa though.

i had botox a few times but it really hurts and its expensive.

i cant afford it and i dont want to hurt myself getting it so i decided to age naturally.

if i could afford to be that superficial and wanted to be that superficial i would have a beauty therapist and hairdresser i like etc come to my house and “do me” once a fortnight.
that way im more comfortable at home and dont have to wait around or get someone new.

a bit of superficial can be fun but when you are obsessed with it and it consumes you it is unattractive and sick.

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