How soon does you cognition come back after coming off antipsychotics?

I think its also the negative symptoms like no motivation and anhedonia etc They were better than now though as I was hanging out with friends and going to the gym daily while on Abilify. I dont think its possible for me to be who I was before my 1st psychosis.

I remember you saying that you were able to work while on Latuda, and that your cognitive symptoms got better while on it. Could this be the case? At least you can have a good life while being on Abilify.

Yes a low stress job in my mother’s accounting office.

Hmm. If it does help you, accounting jobs do tend to be low stress, since it’s monotonous by filling out everyones taxes and managing big bank accounts. An accounting job is still an accounting job, no matter who you work for. So you may be able to work someone else doing the same thing. I still think something like Zyprexa and Latuda would make you go far. Abilify seems to be your go to medicine if you want to live a good life, but be unable to work. I’m not sure about the Canadian version of social security, but you could apply for that. I can’t currently work a job outside of stock trading(It really think it’s that exciting) , and I feel pretty happy(this may be a permanent feeling) from getting todays profit, so I may be feeling close to the same as you were while on a Abilify. I think it’s easy as hell, because all I do is watch for a setup and then profit, For some reason going to the gym(or lifting any weights for that matter) makes me feel worse, so I don’t do it. At least until I can feel a more static mood. This may happen sooner or later since I’ve been doing neurotherapy.

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I am on sickness benefits now.

Nice, beats nothing

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