How so the benzos help me to think more intelligently and better?

Yeap, some one here was saying, that you give a benzo to a schizophrenic and after a while, you see him getting up from the bed, just happier etc etc… My klonopin for me is the same lol :confused: … But on klonopin, I really start to think better on all points…and I get even happier for a few…
Does it mean that I lack mostly calm of mind? why the Zyprexa doesn’t calm me like this and makes me think better?
Can the Zyprexa help me more in the future? :confused:


i was on benzos before. i think i read once that the chemicals produced by exercise attach to the same receptors as the ones benzos do to give you that relaxed feeling

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Oh, good to know for the exercise, thanks :slight_smile:
But why the Zyprexa doesnt relieve my brain like this? I am even happier on benzos, strange, but I cant take them every day till my death lol…
Is there any chances the Zyprexa will work a bit the same? I don’t understand why this ap doesn’t calm me as it does it for some of you… Maybe I really need years on it, idk anymore…

I had the opposite symptoms, but maybe they are reducing your symptoms of schizophrenia and thus making you smarter and better?

Oh, yeap… The benzos work very well on me… I get even happier, less tormented, even smarter, without bugging on all the info in my head… Even my memory gets better on a benzo. We even tried with my doc to try just only benzos for me, but it didn’t work… I need some ap for a maintenance in order to eat and sleep…
But I wonder if the Zyprexa can calm my brain in the future as well as a benzo? Everyone says Zyprexa is very calming, but I still have lots of anxiety and fears and the somatics attached to them…

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Thank you @Anna1 ! I’m glad you are feeling better!

I went to several med providers and asked, “What can I do about my anxieties? I don’t want to take benzos.”

About five doctors in a row pushed benzos on me.

Now I’m with a gal who doesn’t want me to take benzos. It messes with me.

Which way is the power going in my relationships with psychiatry??

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That’s sounds pretty normal, one thing the mind needs to work right is calm. When you are worried, anxious, stressed the mind is in an alert state that you just won’t be able to think straight.

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Oh, yeap… Me too I dont want to depend on benzos in fact, even though that they help. They dope too, plus its not good to be on benzos all your life…
In fact, maybe my doc was right, that my case will need years for the Zyprexa to work… Till now, I was too numbed by all the aps that I took, but now I dont switch anymore and in fact, today I feel a bit less scared… Maybe the Zyprexa will work in the end… When I am more numb, I have more fears too I find :confused:
Who else found the Zyprexa good and calming for his anxiety? I say to myself, that it should work soon or late lol… Its not possible to feel it as a candy like it was for me till now, lol… I guess I was just too ill before…

I think that was me :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the underlying mechanism behind benzos is that they provide a sedative, yet relaxing effect; alongside a stimulative effect as well.

That could be why you feel so relaxed and cognitively better as well.

Hah, ok :slight_smile: This was funny :smiley:
Yeah, the benzos are very good on me. But I heard from a doc also, that they kill a bit the effect of the ap. But I still find, that its not a solution to be on benzos long term… I’ll continue my ap then… I guess my mind still fluctuates between numbness and paranoia :confused: It has been like this long time, but now I pay efforts too :slight_smile: .

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I take zyprexa too. It works better than anything i’ve tried.
xanax withdrawals supposedly triggered my sz so I’m afraid of benzos

I guess you know zyprexa is called thienobenzodiazepine

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