How’s your weather?

Its 5pm woke up from a nap to howling winds and cloudy sky’s. Trees are blowing hard. It’s really nice and relaxing.


-5C. Much better than the last few days when it was -20c avg.

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70 degree’s and about to storm

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We just had a random hail storm, here. The hail was nickel sized.

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Cloudy. Rain Sunday night.

It currently feels like minus 1 celsius

Cold and cloudy. Nothing special.

It was in the mid 60’s today…unusually warm. Tonight we had a tornado warning and sirens went off. My dad said that , according to the news, 6 people died as a result of the storm that passed through. No details on how they died though, no idea if there were tornados or just strong winds.

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The weather is nice and Spring like, but it is supposed to get cold in the middle of next week. Very soon it will be tornado season. That’s the only thing I don’t like about Spring.

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Clear skies and warm. But it’s only 07:27 so it might get hotter. Days have been around 25C on average but it feels hotter. Autumn is coming and I’m so damn relieved! Now we can get cooler weather soon.

we had 80 f. for a high today…getting down to 28 f. tonight.

It’s very cold out here

It’s 31f and misting the roads are very slippery.

31 C which the internet tells me is 87 F. It’s warm and humid but some afternoon storms are coming through. We just had a rain event where instead of talking of places getting milllilitres of water as usual they were talking of places getting metres of water. Total nuts.


It’s cloudy and 12 C outside, pretty warm and comfortable. Trees are blooming.

Thunderstorm just passed through

yeah, sad.
I guess tomorrow we’re getting a couple inches of snow.
so strange, the extremes.

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Very windy, like; March comes in like a lion…

After a number of beautiful days things are breaking down with showers, thunderstorms, and coming colder air. Gonna have to leave my window closed for a while.