How’s My singing.?

Only song I ever made dominated by singing over rapping

Albeit I still rapped


Singers out here today lol

I remember this one, its def a chill beachside summer song for sure

Definitely very dynamic, youve got good pitch man, did you practice or take a lot of takes to get it down?

I know I did lol


No I freestyled this whole song in one (I think it was the second) take. Except the rap verse I wrote it

Glad you liked it

Def beach vibes. It’s that time again lol

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Sometimes I’ll be writing to a beat. It will come out so lucid in a zone and singy while I’m writing. Would’ve been better off recording the writing process than trying to replicate it reading it. Always comes off different when I grab the mic

So it makes sense that free styling may be better for singing when it’s a slow enough pace I can keep up with the beat


Nice job, man. Great vibe


That is true. Singing imo is much more about the melody and length you hold notes, pauses etc than rapping, which is a bit more rhythmic oriented. I actually find singing easier because of it because Im so slow writing lyrics lol whereas you are a lyrical machine so I could totally see you freestyling this!


Remember my second most singy song ever

Was Produced by pilot kid


It was Mixed by @zwolfgang

Remember that one. Cant leave you alone??!!

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Thank you @Cragger

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I cant leaaave you alone, girl

I cant leave you aloneeee

How could I forget lol!

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Man I have had a lot of good songs. Ur a beast too.

But I’d say mixing has always been the missing link for me…looking back

I mean I’ve made horrible songs that are all deleted now

All 140 songs on my SoundCloud now have dopeness to them. Just so amateur with tha mixing. Lol. They could never blow up cuz no one wants to hear static and off compressed stuff on the radio/YouTube/Spotify whatever

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Get to a studio man. You dont have the be a Renaissance Man! If mixing is not your thing let a pro do the heavy lifting

I would still advise getting good at it on your own tho, just to get it most of the way there :slight_smile:

And youre really improving in that regard too!

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