How’s everyone?

It’s been a couple days. I’m doing well. I hope you guys are as well. Happy holidays!


I had dominoes for dinner!


What did you have on it? :horse::horse::horse:


Same old same ole. Had a new guy come in and help me at the cricket club. Nice guy and he seems genuinely interested and competent. It’s rare to find self motivated people these days so hoping he can come down a bit more and help out.


Everybody’s favorite ham and pineapple.


That’s good you got some help. I know you were saying the main worker was out on leave.


Lots of stress these days. Currently my body is refusing to get warm:(

I’m excited to have some tea though. It will be a nice treat after a tough few weeks.


Can you turn the heat on?

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It’s on, but only at 60 degrees so I don’t run SO out of the house. He runs hot. I usually run cold. Plus I’ve been out in the snow today. So I’m running extra cold.

That said, I can’t wait to cool him down with my cold hands and feet come bedtime haha.

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I LOVE ham and pineapple. It’s so underrated.

60 degrees no wonder you’re cold. Mine is on 75.

For once I am properly bundled up and I’m still chilly. Maybe I will turn it up a few degrees.

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At least-for a bit to get the chill out. Hopefully I’m not starting a fight between you and your s/o. :rofl:

Having a mostly good day. Got word yesterday that I’m getting a promotion I was after. Pulling it off despite being a year short of the five years of experience required for the role (I have four). That being said, a lot of brokers start out in personal and move over to commercial. I’ve been commercial insurance from the start so I’m ahead of others with more years in. Official announcement in a couple of weeks. Also, hopefully, the pay packet will get sweetened a bit.




Good job @velociraptor …well done matey.

Congrats!! 1515

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