How quick is it for you to get a dentist appointment?

I’m in severe pain with my wisdom tooth and got one for 10.40am Tomorrow. So really quick plus I don’t have to pay as on disability benefits. I think that is good.


I can get one within a couple days in the US. Some dentists are same day for tooth pain. I have insurance I pay for that covers a lot every year.


It depends on insurance idk but even here in Canada you need health insurance and usually in a week you can see the dentist


I just made an appointment today with the dentist, 2 weeks till appointment.


It takes a couple of months for a regular appointment, but when it’s an emergency it can go quicker.

Shortage of dentists here.


Shortage of good dentists here. I could make an appointment for the next day, it’s right here in the neighborhood too, but I’d probably regret it.

I used to go to a very skilled one but then he hired a few aides and redirected me to one of them, who was less skilled.


When a filling fell out I got an appointment in a few days. For non urgent appointments maybe a couple weeks. I have dental insurance that covers everything.

It took me. Forever. To get an appointment

Quick but it’s like 400 dollars and change for a routine checkup/cleaning.

I must’ve been grandfathered in on my lifelong dentist who recently retired because he was only charging like 125 dollars. He must’ve been doing me a solid.

I laugh at the new price because it is at an equilibrium whereby it makes sense to not go in(almost). So I self insure and brush better.

That’s great news @bobbilly . I can usually get in within 2 weeks if it’s something that needs to be addressed sooner than later. But otherwise I see my dentist every 6mo if I can afford to or every year if I can’t (insurance only covers 1 cleaning a year, if I want another I have to pay $90).

I’m not on a dentist’s list,so I’d have to wait ages and ages and ages. My daughter had just started ask about dentures for me when, very soon after, Covid hit the UK. That was coupled with lower pain, and the falls. Couldn’t get to the dentist so knocked off the list.

I have to pay for the extras even with benefits. However not for checking I don’t think. I got an appointment today for Friday.

There’s a hundred dentists within ten miles of me that take Medicaid. I picked one a week and a half ago and I see her on the 24th. She got good reviews on Yelp.

I got one for emergency tooth pain and face swelling almost immediately last time. Gave me antibiotics to take swelling down and removed tooth a few days later.

A regular appt for like a filling or whatever usually takes longer though.

I have to pay for my own dental bills as I only have medicare.

I have to go out of town to go to the dentist

It takes weeks where I live and you have to pay part unless you have really good benefits (which I do now).

I cant even get an NHS dentist. There are thousands on the waiting lists. If it was an emergency i could probably pay to see a private one the same day.

I’ve gotten a couple of dozen stitches put in my head, and it didn’t hurt any more that a bump on my head. But I have bitten into something sticky and sweet before, and the candy somehow went through a little hole in my tooth, and I got one of the worst jolts of pain I’ve ever had. That’s happened to me a couple of times. I got it checked out by a dentist, and they said I didn’t have a cavity, but biting into that sweet, sticky stuff sure hurt. If they have “Dollar Tree” stores where you life they might have a topical anesthetic to treat your tooth pain. Each application only works for a very short time, but it does make the pain a lot more bearable. You also need some Q tips to apply the pain medicine. They say on the box not to use the pain med. more than four times a day. You can fudge a little on that, but you don’t want to get carried away with the pain med’s.

Depends on the dentist. If ive seen em before. And how severe the problem is. I called around when i had my tooth problem and some said they could get me in quick. Some had no appointments. Some didnt take my insurance.

usually 2 weeks for a dentist appointment.

My teeth are so bad. The cost to fix would be 50,000$. Which is impossible.

Sooner than later I will rip them out and have dentures. The price to pay for not caring for my teeth.