How psychosis interrupts the lives of women and men differently

Without determined definition to what is meant by the term psychosis exactly as it is,there are difficulty to answer about all questions

1- How does the psychosis induces a change in the test of life that the person lives ?
2-how does the psychosis causes a change in the taste /color of a person’s sense of his psychological self ?

3-how does the psychosis affect the mechanism of self-sensing without inducing a change in the self ?
4-how does the psychosis induces manifestations of sadness,depression,losing hope,retraction of resolve,persecution, loneliness…etc that change the person’s sense pleasure as he is being human and impeded his ability to enjoy life’s pleasure ?

5- in the first place,why is psychosis seeking so vigorously to change the person’s views towards his personal identity,his believing in himself , his ideas about himself,the identity of some specific people that he knows them,and the sacred identities that mentioned in his religious belief ?
-why the psychosis has seeks to change " who I am" and "who is the other " whatever the other was to be !
6-For any reason,the psychosis seeks to mess up with the determinants of personal /social and sacred identities and induces a misleading confusion between them (for awhile) ?
7-Why the functional activity of the psychosis causes some kind of disability to perform mental processes,dealing with the sensory perceptions and engage in movement,expressive behavioral activity ?
8- why there is a difficulty in reading the written speech,the visual focus towards the visual scenes,in focusing the sense of hearing towards the sounds that spread in the external environment
9- why does the psychosis has seeks to mess up with the social relationships,which include the family relations,relatives ,friend,neighbors,classmates,work colleagues, the official employee,even some of community members that the person did not knew them before

Usually,the psychosis takes place and it is possible that the person has an affair with a girl,courtship or newly married …etc

If you know what psychosis is,you have try to imagine the results of the different conditions;
1-The person is in love with a girl and is excessively wooing her,hopping that she will take care of him while she does not feel attractive about him,and finally she wants him to stop bothering her while he do not care

2-A person is in love with a girl and she is,and there is another girl who does not want that relationship and she wants the person for her

3-A girl falls in love with a young man,and the young man does not care

In sums,what is happens for both of the person and girl if the psychosis occurs to any of them
what is the changes or the symptoms that arise if the psychosis occurs to the young man or the girl ?