How poor we really were

I was just a little kid under seven in the beginning of the 1970s and one night in the winter we, my mother and my siblings, had to walk in the middle of snow when it was snowing from one place to another, about eight kilometers, we did not have an auto or money for a taxi, we were so poor, but it is the mystery of the life how then in later years traveled in the world and lived in America. These are some fun memories

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In Night Elie Wiesel described walking barefoot in the winter from Auschwitz to safety. If I remember correctly, he stated he kept a vow of silence until he tured 18. He was around 14 at the time.

It’s great you traveled throughout America and around the world. Where did you go first?

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It might have been Hammerfest in the northern Norway.

I would give anything to live in norway

We had enough to eat and a roof over our head, clothes to wear too, but not much else.
This experience taught me how to survive with the bare minimum. Doesn’t bother me if I haven’t bought anything new for years.


I belong to the low income social group. I am thrift but content with the amount of money I got. I bought enough food, drinks and clothes. Very fortunately I have own house. Life is not bad with such a condition.


I buy refurbished laptops. My mom worked in retail and I lived with her until I was 7. Times were tough.

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Yeah, at various times when I was a kid we were carless, bedless, and couchless. My dad was a surveyor with the state for years. A very respectful position but not high paying. But we ALWAYS lived in a nice house or an apartment in nice sections of town.

Meekness makes greatness…

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Our family rented room, then rented house. Finally we bought our own house, then houses.

'The meek shall inherit the earth. If it’s alright with you".

A bumper sticker I once saw.

This is actually a scriptural verse from the Psalm…of course without ‘if it is alright with you’.

Thanks for sharing.