How people feel coffee and cigar?

How people feel coffee and cigar effect with meds? Its still make some effect?

Cigarettes I smoke a lot and it doesn’t diminish the effects of my meds! Coffee I drink a lot as well and I notice when I really get up there I talk to myself more but it doesn’t make me go crazy or anything

I was told cigs diminish the effect of meds. meaning if you smoke you may need a slightly higher dose. I use to smoke but quit a long time ago.

I drink one cup of coffee a day and it hasn’t affected me.

Schizophrenics self medicate with cigarettes. I do too but I smoke an incredible amount and I don’t notice the meds being weaker. Coffee yes though

I told the docs I was tired all the time. They kept saying, “I dunno”. Finally, one doctor told me, “Well, you take enough meds to sedate a horse.”

They told me I was taking so much medication because I smoked. Therefore, when I stopped smoking, I thought the dosages would go down.

I stopped smoking six plus years ago. I still take the same amount of meds, however. Fatigue is still a problem.

The doctors suck. Would I rather go to a witchdoctor? I don’t think so.

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I take both, and it’s said to increase the dopamine transmit, so I feel a bit unlocked from the fair amount of dosage of my medication. I don’t know if it’s only the dopamine effect, but I do feel better with caffeine and nicotine. I think they’re better than alcohol because alcohol has much more effect on dopamine which can ruin the balance of neurotransmitters heavily.

I mean how we feel some better when dopamine rescptoers blocked?

I been told the same, don’t know if I should believe them. It makes little difference in my body I find… I think every doctor has a negative view on smoking anyway, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with their perception of smoking on mental illness… Anyway congrats on quitting!

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My 1 or 2 coffees a day don’t upset my meds. Can’t speak to cigars, quit those many moons ago.

I dont have any problem with 3 cups of coffee and 12 cigars i just not loving the taste of them too much as before meda thats my only problem now

That is … prodigious! I bow to you.

Ä° really interested with cuban cigar but i never experienced it.i want to buy 4000 dollars one.i really want to experience good quality cuban cigar before i die.i dont smoke by the way.

Cigar is somehow different then cigarettes cigar only use in mouth because its has no filter but cigarettes is to your chest i use mini cigar with filter on my chest i was also smoking the large size on chest also but thats wrong and dont anyone esay can smoke large cigars too much on his chest

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Thank you for acknowledging my quit. I’ve saved a lot of money as well as adding months on my life!

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Well I smoke 60 high quality cigarettes a day and drink 4 cans of coffee a day. I don’t drink alcohol or do drugs and I eat very little and cheap. I use all of my disability on cigs and coffee and I don’t feel worse but when I dropped laxertives lately my mental state improved a lot.

i used to do coffee and cigars. they were lovely. i switched back to a pipe because it is economical and oh so much more pleasurable.

don’t know about it’s effect on medication. not too worried about it i can reality check.

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