How ot learn to draw ?>

how to learn to draw ? i am stuck i dont know how to draw :frowning: tutorial sucks


i just can do like this , but its not good


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You draw great.
select a picture or object that is simple (ex. one person or one object.)

  1. select one line of it to draw. We will use a tall dinner candle as a subject.
    So we look at the left side and see just like the right side, it is narrower at the top. (tapered).

  2. place Two small harizontal lines on your paper representing the height of the candle.

  3. draw one line that tilts slightly out at the bottom between those two horizantal lines. This represents the left side.

  4. a bit more challenging is drawing a matching side. draw lightly and exspect to erase and try again a few times.
    This is excellent practice exersize. and it is practice, so it is not a time for the feeling of fustration.

  5. This is also a time, for learning technique. Once you have practiced freehand, feel free to “cheat” if you like, using techniques.

One would be to simply fold the paper and and rub the back. This would transfer graphite in perfect symetry.

Another, better way, is to place a 2nd sheet over the left side and rub resulting a 1st stage of backwards transfer. Tape that 2nd sheet to bright window with drawing facing toward glass.

Now trace darkly on the otherside facing you. Last, remove tape and place darkly drawn side on the right side of your original drawing and rub. This will transfer an exact and opposite angle of your left side.

This is often done for portraits of those wearing glasses.

Other drawing exercises may help:
Use cheap dollar to paper. while listening to tv/radio. Start drawing straight as you can get lines and as perfect as you get them circles and ovals.

Draw one page of nothing but horizontal lines and the 2 page of verticle lines. Different sizes of circles and ovals too. Sometimes draw slow, for trying to perfect a shape. Sometimes draw quicker to develope a good balance and skill of your hand.

This will help your drawing.You will go through dollar store tablets one every 2 or 3 sessions.

Also read how to set guide lines and practice too in this manner.

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Practice, practice, practice.
Study everyday objects and try to draw them.

Also, tutorials for proportions might be good when it comes to drawing humans.

There is no magic solution, it takes a lot of practice, tutorials, and hand-eye coordination exercises.

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Damn, I wouldn’t need a girlfriend if I could draw one so hot

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I like you’re art style just keep trying new things and see what you like!!

Looks like you might be a cartoonist at heart.

What does this say?

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