How on earth am I going to go to the psych appts now?

The psychiatric doctor’s office is on the second floor. Without an elevator.

And I can’t. Use. Stairs.

To those who do not know my situation, I have a neuromuscular disease which atrophies my muscles. Recently my knees have been atrophying. My legs are atrophying so it is incredibly hard to use stairs now.

Using stairs will inevitably ruin my knees and make me suffer in pain and ruin my knee joints. My doctor told me not to ever use the stairs again.

How on earth am I ever going to go there now?

Oh my god. So my mom went by herself and I am going to call my pdoc separately. No face-to-face appointments unless we find another doctor’s office.

What the heck. I hate inaccessibility.

Can you scoot up the stairs using your rear end? Lol! I’m sure you would get quite a few stares, but at least you’d get to go.

Skype? Would that work?


Well how do they accommodate someone in a wheel chair? Dont they have to accommodate someone?

I thought it was mandatory to accommodate wheel chairs too?! That doesn’t make any sense!

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I’m sorry didnt know you were in Korea.

You don’t need to be sorry! Please don’t be.

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