How old were you when you first swallowed a pill

I was 19 and my first pill was Wellbutrin. Now I take 3-4 pills per day, 3 of them all at once. I was one of “those” who couldn’t swallow pills for the longest time now I take it routinely.

My mum was a nurse so crushed up pills with a little jam when where kids.


15 it was Paxil.

If you are talking psych meds it was just before I was 17.

If we are talking psychotropics, then I think I was 16 when I was given 2 antidepressants.

I guess I intended this thread to be “when you learned how to swallow a pill” but now I’m thinking for Two answers I guess. Psych meds and when you first swallowed a frickin Advil or Tylenol. When you physically learned to swallow pills. Whenever I got sick as a kid my mom had to get me the liquid form. I took liquid codeine when I got my surgery at 14 for example.

Percocet when I was 15 or 16. Miss it sometimes.

14 -15 it was a bunch of benzos. We thought it was cool lol I don’t even remember my high school well. Fast forward ten years i take 9 ■■■■■■■ pills per day. wow.

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I thought you’re talking about those pills :smile: you know, benzos, Ad’s, AP’s, birth control, Viagra, ■■■■ like that.

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always had problems swallowing pills.

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I could give you a sad Tylenol throw up story. Long time ago.

baby aspirin. sometime in 1978

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You never took vitamins or got those pill antibiotics before?

Nope :blush:!!!

I took flint stone vitamins

Haha I had those flinstone vitamins too as a kid. I hated them and me and my siblings would hide them in the couch cushions.

I probably started swallowing pills around middle school? When my mom decided we needed more “adult” multivitamins and fish oil and whatnot. Didn’t take my first psych meds until I was like 20 tho. They were all tiny and easy to swallow, didn’t even need water…except for trazodone. Why is that dang pill so huge?! And it’s a flipping trapezoid! How is that supposed to comfortably go down your throat??

A young age for me cant remember fully but had many pills in my life.

I was very young when I first learned to swallow pills. Maybe nine or ten. My mom used to have us practice with M&Ms. I was very sick as a child on account of the whole brain tumor/migraine disorder thing.