How old were you on your first break?

. In the hospital. 19.

i was showing odd signs at pre 5, that is when i became dark sith , i had the dark robes, but my lightsaber used to drag along the ground and my chubby fingers had difficulty with the on/off button.
at kindergarden lot of young kids got dismembered accidentaly !
take care

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Eighteen, things began just before halloween and then kicked into full swing on halloween.

It seemed that someone began to communicate with me in my mind, this was the first few minutes of psychosis, my mind was just blasted with completely horrible shyte, and then on our way out of the house i saw an “alien”.

I started looking at the clock at three over and over, and smelled the sulfur at one point as well.

They had come.

I can still remember shopping for halloween costumes and having them appear in my mind, i was just standing there and they began to encircle me raveounously grinning and hungry as hell, i freaked out completely for a few moments but it subsided, and then it was on to the real show.

I can also remember recieving mental visions/images, one in particular i can’t forget, it was the earth at sunset and there was an enormous face grinning and looking down on it, it also had fangs, when i saw it i knew that it was very powerful and was in charge of this place. It’s an awful thing when they are the ones telling you these things as well, from another source it would have been different, but coming straight from the mouth of the psychopaths themselves it was extra bad.

I was also out back at my family’s house and heard a giant walking very loudly toward me, rythmic crashing footsteps coming right at me, and then something shot across the backyard and began to chop something(reaping?), who knows.

At one point i walked out back and my uncle was staring into a fire and he began to say “see! see! see!” So, with some demons talking to me in my head it was pretty scary shyte actually to hear that. I’ve wondered to this day what they wanted me to see, because some of it was just untrue and the rest was just them being shytty arseholes, see what exactly?

I can also remember them telling me that my dead grandmother was there, i was playing a game and within my perception she was looking at me through the game, completely false. See that? Liar.