How old do you have to be to get an antipsychotic injection?

I was wondering what is the lowest age you have to be in order to get an antipsychotic injection? I don’t want to get the injections, but my psychiatrist recommended it and my mom agreed to give it to me a while back, but the doctor said I wasn’t old enough. Do you have to be 18 and older for all AP injections, or just invega, which is what I was on at the time?

See 3.

I think the question should be, how crazy do you have to be?

In my case I admitted to unintentional non-adherence(forgetfulness) taking <50% time or less. The junior dr seeing me then had a discussion with the consultant who put me on the LAI. Although I have been late for the depot a few times days lost has been roughly the equivalent of missing 5 depots over nearly 8 years ie roughly 97.6 % adherence.
I can’t say it has brought about a cure/recovery and I sometimes question how much difference it’s made, but last time I saw a consultant ,while the NP was ill, he said I was doing better.

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