How old are you now?

I am soon 48 years, doesn’t feel like it.


Thirty one…

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Mid 40’s. Was kinda hoping for a huge life changing event when I hit 40. Instead I hit the mid life criss from hell. Always fun when you start to add the time the illness has taken away. Drug use, Bad decisions. etc etc. I don’t recall reading about those in the brochure. Also still trying to figure out what they mean by life begins at forty.


20 years :confused:

28 years old :sunny:

I am 43
But young looking

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Years ago I met a Russian woman and I asked how old she was, she just answered that Russian women have three ages, I did not ask what these were, but I do believe we have the actual age and then the psychological age.

27 hief nah… 26

and hief!

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I am 25 this year,i am an adult now


We’re all getting old


42 years old this summer.

I am 48 …

I am 30 @@@@@@@@@@@@

I’m one hundred and five.

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Jk late thirties

In my society there are many people who have been over 90 years old when they have died. I think that the modern medication and better life habits enable people to live longer. Well, it is another 40 years for me more to go.

I’m 56 years old, and I am going through an adolescent identity crisis and mid-life crisis at the same time.