How often should you eat vegetables?

I don’t eat them every day, mostly because I don’t feel like taking the time to cook them. But I do eat some vegetables 2-3 times a week with dinner, just cause I know I should at least have some veggies.

Today I remembered that I had gone a bit too long without eating vegetables, so I cooked some broccoli and just ate it by itself.


Your supposed to have several servings a day. I dont know if you can get access to one but an airfryer makes them taste much better to me and cooking is easier.

You should eat veggies with every meal. 2 to 3 cups worth depending on the veggie. Breakfast is hard for some people. I understand. Try a scramble, eggs with onion, garlic, tomato, bell pepper, kale or spinach. It’s delicious and good for you. If you can’t do that, try a smoothie with kale or spinach.

Then with your lunch it’s easy…carrot and celery sticks, a few cherry tomatoes, bell pepper slices, a couple radishes, a little cup of ranch dressing…viola! You can have that with your sandwich instead of potato chips.

Dinner is fun. After you decide your entree, you get to figure what veggies go with. Broccoli is a good one to have around because it freezes well. Carrots keep well and roasted carrots are so good, like candy. lettuce and tomato goes with a lot and you can get health dressings.

Getting enough veggies takes effort, but you will feel better if you do.


I eat broccoli and spinach every day


Vegetables are boogers. You shouldn’t push yourself to do anything with them.

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