How often do you pray

I pray typically just before sleeping.

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I don’t pray I haven’t the energy to pray

I have a little prayer book and I just choose a prayer when I pray.

I pray by meditating every day.

I’ll say a little prayer for you if you say one for me


I have a prayer book and I do what I’d call wishful thinking - pep talks about myself and others.

Not now, I start soon sleeping and I choose one evening prayer from my prayer book. These prayers are all in my native language. Thanks anyway.

I pray five times a day as Islam prescribes - before sunrise, early afternoon, late afternoon, after sunset and at night


I’m not religious but I have tried when at the breaking point, I feel awkward doing it and never know what to say, the only actual prayers I know are the Serenity prayer, the Lord’s prayer and a Japanese Buddhist chant. I just kind of try to speak from the heart but every time I have I’ve heard this vague voice say to me “I have forsaken you”

Well that’s nice to hear.

Through out the day I am constantly “talking to God” and so I consider that praying. I do my nightly prayers to go to sleep better. I believe in prayer. Especially if more than one person prays for the same thing.

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My mum prays and goes to church a lot. She has always had strong faith
I am just not religious really
I went through a very " holy" stage as a child and my brother used to tease me

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I pray mostly before I go to sleep.

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i’m going to a prayer night tonight i think, we pray about all sorts of things like people who are sick and the health of the church etc, i think its really good for the soul, i dont pray out loud i just like to sit in silence and try to take it all in and pray to myself.

Like @jukebox, I pray in conversation form throughout the day, and I pray more formally maybe once a day. I don’t believe Prayer is a demand or a guaranteed solution, particularly not the solution we hope for all the time, but I think conversing with God is beneficial for maintaining a relationship and that the act of laying things down and letting go is healthy too.


Never. I wish I had the faith to pray

While i do not pray i often sing to the moon at night.