How often do you "play the one hand band" and why?

This might be a bit tacky, and forgive me if it’s been done before, but…
How often do your hands wander downtown?
And why?
Does it fluctuate? In that case, how?

For the past 10 years it’s been happening once or twice a week for me, but after my med switch, it’s happening daily.
I’ve even had to take a bathroom break at work to relieve tension a few times!

Good thing I’m quick and quiet.

So, answer me.

How often do you ring the devil’s doorbell?

Once or twice a week, usually.

Usually once a week

Never, ever, ever. No desire.

Almost every day.

And that’s in addition to having sex with my husband at least twice a week.

Since I’ve been on Abilify, I’ve had increased libido.

But not to an uncontrollable extent.

Just like to masturbate.

6 times per day while on Abilify lol It was painful.
Now once every couple of weeks or a month on Risperdal.
I feel much better.

once or twice a week, I do it because It has become a habit and if I go two weeks without I start to feel sexually repressed or somthing.

I did that daily at work while on Abilify.

Seriously Abilify should replace Viagra lol

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Lol yea I was so horny on abilify both times I first went on it haha

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For me on Abilify it was painful and uncontrollable.

12 times a year. Every day the first 12 days of January and then nothing for the rest of the year.


on amuilspride i do it only once a week.i have a week heart so maybe thats why.

aM TyPing witH mY PEn!S as wE SpeaK!


Does maturbation make your penis small or is it just me?

If anything, it should make it longer as you tug on it?

Mine recedes and keeps moving away like it has a mind of its own i cant catch/put my hand on the thing it doesnt want to better leave it alone.

I don’t know much about penises, but it sound that like would happen if it wasn’t erect properly? Like you’re trying to force masturbation instead of doing it when your body signals it wants you to, you know?

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To be honest my libido is pretty high it might be the meds or the condition im trying to give up for me its about 5 times a week twice a day on average.

Uh no, or mine would be the size of a Tic-Tac by now.