How Often Do You Feed Your Cat(s)?

Calliope gets a small portion of wet food in the morning (she’s my 5 am alarm clock) and another when we sit down for supper. She figures wet food you should be all-you-can-eat, but too much and she projectile vomits. She has a dish of dry kibble she snacks on all day.

Her other things are nagging us to turn on the gas fireplace even when it’s warm and giving me grief if I’m not letting her chase a piece of string often enough.

Room service, that’s me.


That’s how I feed my kitten

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Witchy gets 1 can of Friskies in the morning and a half can at night. Ophelia gets a half can morning and night. Witchy’s bigger.

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I have a cat also. I feed him a small amount of dry food each morning for breakfast. Then i finish off by giving him wet food in the evening, a full sachet. His is 13 years old and his fit as a fiddle. I would always recommend bi-daily feeds. Better for their blood sugars, not spiking once a day and then falling flat for the rest of it.

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I just feed my cats whenever they ask for it.

I had to restrict a rescue in the beginning, because he’d eat himself sick if I left out food for him.
But once he learned he wouldn’t have to starve, I could do what I’ve always done:
Leave out an always filled bowl of dry food, and supplement with wet food or tuna in the evenings

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Molly eats wet food in the mornings. Wet slurping snacks in the day and has dry food to eat at will down all the time. She’s a good weight and is very healthy.

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My mum n dad do it I can’t be asked

N BTW I didn’t ask for the cat so not my responsibility

I fed my cat only dry kibble. I just kept his bowl full all the time. He was happy that way.

I just fill the bowls in the morning and they eat until it is gone. Plus any extras I put out. They like meat.