How often do you check your blood pressure?

Did you think about that before ?
It is crazy matter some people develop high blood pressure for no reason ?not to mention those who has reason like obese, unconscious salt intake , side effect of ap
Just question if any one like to answer ?

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Only when I go to the doctor. Mine is normal.

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Mine gets checked once a year by GP and also the community mental health team

It’s always ok when I have it done so far

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I have a blood pressure checker machine thing. I only use it once a year.

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once a week or if I think its getting high. why do you ask.?

Mines good, Doctor checks it a couple of times a year

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Coz I think if I don’t measure it myself I think it ll go high

Every time I go to the gp…

My systolic BP fluctuates from 140 to 100.its awful. Need to get a grip

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I used to rely on a small Panasonic digital device for measuring both heart rate and blood pressure. I used to have tachycardia which is fixed now. BP has always been in the normal range for my age.

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I have a bp machine here at home but I rarely use it.
My family doctor will check it

I do about once a week. Every day for a few days if I get a bad reading.

LS! I have it checked every three months. Last time it was 137/78. Blood pressure is very important for your health, see figure six:

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Thanks @agentmulderfbi.

My weight seems to be coming down so I should regularly check my BP from now on.

Thanks for the heads up.

When I see the doctor. When I am screening for a tidy or doing one.

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