How often do you bug 'em?

How often do you see your pdoc? Do you call them on the phone or message them for other things? If so, how often?

I see my pdoc once a month, but I’m worried that I may be bothering her too often. For a while there, I was calling her office every week or so, hysterical and locked in the bathroom. Now I message her when I am feeling suicidal, think I’m having weird side effects, or have other medical questions (like about the TD and clozapine). With the suicidal stuff, it’s issues that I don’t think can wait, and with the other, it’s things I keep forgetting to ask about at my appointment because I get nervous and can’t remember everything I wanted to discuss while in there. I am worried she’ll ditch me because I’m bugging her. She always responds though.

So please share your experience with your own doctor. Inquiring minds would like to know. Also- does your doctor get back to you? What is the turnaround time?


I just go in for my appointments when they schedule me, and then I often forget to tell them important symptoms and things, so I wait some more and something just never gets solved :expressionless: It’s bad. Maybe I should bug them more.


when I call and leave a message she usually calls me back. I dont bother her frequently. only if I am extremely suicidal or disoriented and confused or when voices are driving me crazy.


@ZombiePupper You could always make a list of the things that you want to discuss beforehand. I tried doing that, but then I forgot to bring the list in.


I came across as super neurotic the one time I did that, and they still only kind of passively looked at it. :angry:


My normal psychiatrist is kinda trippy, she’s nice enough but very formal. I just tell her enough to get my scripts, I keep it pretty minimal.
My study doctors are a little bit younger. One likes to listen to me rattle-on, the other is very serious and will stop me when I talk too much. But I like them well-enough.

I really need a therapist so I don’t bug my pdoc as much. I think that would really help me. Once my daughter starts college this coming fall, she will be under her school’s insurance, and they have therapists on campus, so I won’t have to pay copays. Then I will be able to afford therapy for myself.

My pdoc hasn’t complained yet, and I feel like I can tell her anything except that I struggle with prescription med abuse. My family knows (not my kids, of course), but no one else.

That’s just wrong. Doctors should listen to their patient’s concerns.


I see them when they call me, I never message or call them because I’m very stable.

It might be good for you to look up doctors in your area. Also maybe ask your pdoc for a recommendation/ referral.

As for me I went through 13 doctors before I found a good one. But remember there are good ones!!

And my doc normally texts me the same day. Or the next morning

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What country do you live in, if you don’t mind my asking?

I usually have a monthly pdoc appt. On occasion every two weeks. I have counselors that I see or talk to at least once a week. They come to my house and take me places and keep in touch with the doc for me. On occasion, I do have them ask her things or communicate with her for me. They also have a meeting with her Mon. thru Fri, about all of the patents they and her see.

I wouldn’t worry about bothering them if you are doing badly. That’s what they are there for–to help you when you are struggling.

I find it is a good idea to write things down right when I think of them. That way, I can take a list of things I need addressed to my appointment or tell my counselors.

I don’t really want to talk to my pdoc, the conversations are always the same, talking about why I’m not making progress (my head hurts all the damned time, is why), and how I should just “get over it” and move on with life.

Just want my prescription. If I could get 6 months of refills and only see him twice a year I’d be happy.

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Once a year. They don’t bug me I don’t bug them. I get my refills that last a whole year. I’m pretty stable so I don’t need any extra care from a doctor. :slight_smile:

There aren’t 13 doctors in my area that accept my insurance, so I’m glad I found one that I like. Otherwise, I’d be driving an hour in any given direction to get to my appointments. I can’t imagine how awful that must have been- feeling like you would never mesh with someone.

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