How often do you adjust meds' dosage?

I do that constantly.
My dosage adjustment for the past year is like this:
Abilify 6mg→3mg→6mg→7.5mg→6mg→7.5mg→9mg→12mg→9mg→Risperidon 2.5mg→2mg→1.5mg.

So right now I take Risperidon 1.5mg/day and finally feeling fine.
I’m getting a little tired of all this adjustment. :confused:

my experience is similar, i think I’m going to stay where I’m at. I’m the most stable now. whenever they change dosage i lose whatever stability i had, in till i adjust to it, then they change it again.

You’re lucky if you only have to take one med like me but I think I have alot of flat affect from them. I’ve only changed dosage with Invega once. From 156 mg → 125mg