How often do i neeed pdoc?

how often do i neeed to revisit pdoc ?
i am very bored every two month i revisit for 6 years now
if i were on diet i wd finish it

Its a lifelong illness.

Probably every month or every two months.

It depends on how stable or ill you are. I have been doing ok so I saw my pdoc every six months. Used to see pdoc in past once a month or once in three months.

I see mine every 2 months.

I visit my pdoc every four months.

I visit mine every 6 months…if things gets tough I visit him more.

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I see mine once a month. It’s probably only necessary once every three months.

I have 6 monthly appointments booked in, but he speaks to me adhoc on the phone when things are getting a bit more difficult.

I have a face to face appointment on the 2nd November. This will be the first time I meet him face to face

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