How not to think certain thoughts

How not to think intrusive thoughts or thoughts you don’t want to have, I took a prn just in case, don’t want to die but live a long healthy life, I went shopping today bought 3 dresses and one skirt, my sister thinks I am a shopoholic but I spend within my budget.

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As long as you spend within your budget I think clothes shopping is always good! I love dresses.

I won’t ask you what you’re trying not to think about, as you’re trying not to think about it.

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Trying to stop the thoughts always made mine worse. Your brain notices the anxiety response to the thought and goes “Oh, this is upsetting? It must be important! I better keep thinking about it!” What helps me is letting the thought happen, but not focusing on it. Instead, I say to myself, “This is a random thought. It has happened because of how human brains work and it will drift away and be replaced by the next thought to come along.”

Everyone us weird violent or disturbing thoughts at times. It doesn’t mean you agree with the thought. It just means that’s how human brains process information.

For example, when I’m driving down the road, I sometimes think “if I turn my wheel an inch to the side, I will kill everyone in that car.” It used to make me terrified to drive. But now, I don’t mind it. The thought sometimes happens, and when it does I just concentrate on other things and let it pass.


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