How normal are manic attacks?

i’ve had mania before, but what i’m referring to are not full blown mania. it’s where my mood is elevated for a few hours, as if it’s mania but not lasting over night or for days. going to the therapist half the time is a good example, because the stimulation i get makes my mood elevated and blood pressure increased etc.

oh i’m schizoaffective, bipolar type, and have an anxiety disorder. i imagine this post will be most apt for those in that stiatuion, or those with bipolar or schizo with a mood component.

sometimes i feel like an abnormal schizo, so i’m just curious.

im sza. I used to have lots of manic episodes like you described. giving me a euphoric upper feeling for a few hours most days. where I would plan things or start on projects. this went away with meds. now I get depressed but rarely have ups anymore. part of it, is where I live now, compared to where I used to live, I get depressed and bored living out in the country. it’s still common for me to bite off more than I can chew still, for example I tend a garden and am gung ho about it in the early spring, but the realities of it prove to be more than I care for.

also I used to have manic episodes lasting days, I would go on trips, drive across the country or hike hundreds of miles in days.

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how do or did you describe those manic attacks that lasted a few hours but didn’t last over night or for days?

this thread i made explains why i’m asking…

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^See above.

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yeah I read that but don’t know how to describe it medically. sorry. maybe someone else can help you with terminology, Im not great with medical terms.

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I don’t knowthe name, bu t i have this, too. I’m currently experiencing one. Going to my therapist tomorrow, will ask ifthere is a term.

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I am sza bipolar type. My mania’s and depressions are all history. I have a history of them in my distant past but no longer experience them, and haven’t, for the past fourteen years. My psychosis has ended, for the most part, three years ago. My diagnosis remains the same.

just curious. how are you living life differently now that you have so much in remission compared to when you were more ill? how much more do you work at jobs now, if at all?

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So psychotic episodes are the main problem, how many episodes did you have?

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