How my psychosis ended

I was living in Tulsa and the hospitals there always released me before being stable because of lack of insurance…by lucky chance I drove myself to Oklahoma City at the end of my psychosis to see my gf. turns out I sat in my car for three days just with water in over a hundred degree weather in august…cops took me to the state hospital in Norman and they didn’t care if I had insurance and that’s how I ended up being taken care of…thank goodness.


Even with insurance, I was still full blown psychotic when I left the ward in NY. I just lied and they bought it.

But I’m happy psychiatry was able to help you. I just hated it.


I have had to accept that I will always have to live with a certain level of psychosis.


I’m ok with living with certain levels of psychosis. I can live well with it, it’s fine.

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