How my life changed when I admitted there was no way to communicate with people in your head

Go back 6 years and my life was pretty hellish. I believed people could hear my thoughts, I thought dead people were mentally torturing me and it happened all day long and I never got a break. I believed a lot of the things that the voices told me and it just made things more and more complicated as I believed in more and more things. Then one day, out of stress more than anything I just started telling myself that the thing that annoyed me the most out of everything, the idea that you could communicate with people in your head was not real. Then I actually started to question it and it actually dawned on me that there actually was not any way to communicate with people in my head, and I got the thing wrong the whole time.

After that, everything that I used to believe in, the dead people what they were saying, it was all not true as well because how could it be if the voices were not real? So basically, everything I believed in went away, pretty quickly, I currently didn’t believe anything that just happened to me during the whole illness. To be honest, it made me feel a bit sick, I even heard massive cracks and bangs in my head for a short time after the change. But quite quickly I started to feel like it was over, relief is the thing I felt mostly, that all the things that bothered me so much could just go away and I would never have to deal with them again. My voices stopped pretty quickly, and within a pretty short time period, I was voice free.

I think that was the biggest turning point for me in the illness. Although admittedly afterwards, and for a long time, we are talking about a good amount of years, I was pretty unwell, racked with paranoia which often led me to believe in things again. But mostly it was temporary and I could overcome what the paranoia and general uneasiness of life was like at the time. Slowly after that, things got better and better my paranoia slowly resided, and bit by bit I started getting pieces of my life together and was able to get on with things. Now my only problems really are social anxiety and that I have not got my employment sorted out fully. But overall, I think in the whole illness, that was the one idea that changed things, and was probably one of the best things to happen to me on the road to recovery.

(TLDR; how I overcame sz and the one thing that made me ill was the belief that you could communicate with people in your head.)


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