How much u assume people know when talking to them?

Has anybody ever told u the phrase ‘who u tellin’? It happens to me when I say something to a person that they obviously been through or know a lot about. It’s when I say things that are not common, they become interesting to others. It seems like some people have intelligence it’s I like nothing you say to them they don’t know about. I guess maybe they think they are way smarter. If you listen to those kinds of people you might pickup they have more wisdom than you. But I see them as they don’t fully listen to me, intently enough they come to quick conclusion. But they forget to listen to the hints of tone of voice, I think they are egotistical. And when I respond to them they say I am picking on them. When in actuality I just mean to convey a point. But perhaps it is useless since they know everything on the topic. Thanks that is my recovery discussion.

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I find myself doing that sometimes. If I’m talking to someone and they mention something I’m familiar with I sort of go “oh yeah” and drift off a bit assuming I know what they’re talking about. I need to stop doing that.

HI Malvok. I’ll tell you what I know from experiences like those. I believe drifting off is a bad habit. If I have nothing to say. Then I stop drifting. I can’t linger its not good. What you can do though, is express your energy, conversation is more about what people feel in others energy, that’s my take you probably already know.

That is exactly how I feel sometimes. They have a little knowledge about a lot of things and they go off on their own tangent before listening to what I’m even saying.

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Yeah I’m guilty of it.

In today’s fast paced computerized/internet generation few people are good listeners - the art of conversation is dying


:collision: Boom! Right there… boom. It’s been studied even. How all this electronic communication is diminishing the new generation’s verbal ability.

Yah it seems like our text relationships are deeper than our actual phone conversations with one another.

People are strange sometimes. I mostly associate with other psych majors and kids from the international school I went to for high school. They’re all of comparable intelligence and communication is pretty easy, I have trouble with vibes and slang that people who arent as smart as me often use. Like going downtown here in memphis, oh boy. It’s like another language, street talk. I learned some of it when I spent a fair amount of time in the less wealthy part of towns buying weed and becoming friends with my dealers (some of them really liked me and offered me employment as a bodyguard).

But yeah its a cultural thing mostly.

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I’ve spent some time in the field with slang of many sorts. So easy a caveman can do it. But to be intellectual and witty with jokes, and creating words that make a woman feel like your the man for them… now that is priceless.

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I like short and down to the point convo. The long neverending story i cant listenin to. i tell my gf not to do that but she says its the only way she knows how to express and she constantly does that and im like yeah, yeah, (nod head) when i really dont know what the hell she talkin about.

The false consensus effect is the tendency for people to overestimate the degree to which others agree with them.

Illusion of transparency - people overestimate others ability to know them and they also overestimate their ability to know others.

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if a long story is consistent with points as in making sense to a destination of end, than I don’t mind listening to long stories. But when people tell them, their brain fumbles a lot and I become uninterested. I do it myself alot too.

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